The SEZ S.R.L. foundry has been certified UI EN ISO 9001 and CISQ/RINA since 30/06/1998.

Certified UI EN ISO 9001 and CISQ/RINA

Certified ISO 14000 since 30/06/2009.

Certified ISO 14001


The quality of our alloys

Our Zama Zinkal packages are delivered to the customer with spectrochemical analyses attached in order to ensure our fulfilment of the needs of the customer in relation to compliance with UNI EN 1774 standards and regulations.

The constant control operated by our laboratory guarantees the quality of the product with regard to its chemical and physical properties.


Care for the environment

We have followed national and international regulations relating to the environment for many years and with careful attention.

In order to provide additional assurance regarding our compliance with the norms established to protect the environment, our Company has obtained international certification ISO 14000 from the certifying body, RINA.

We are in possession of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) issued by the Province of Genoa.

Said formal act itself constitutes an essential step for the protection of the environment, containing a series of complex requirements which the Company has promptly fulfilled.

Features and areas of application

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