Who we are, what we do and our mission

The S. ERASMO ZINKAL S.R.L. foundry has a long and proven track record in the production of ZAMA alloys (acronym for zinc – aluminium – magnesium) and in the refining processes of zinc alloys intended for companies operating in the die-casting sector.

The current corporate configuration, which over the years has undergone several evolutions, originates from the Fonderia S. Erasmo founded in 1966 and is located in the extreme west of Genoa.

We specialise in the production of all types of zinc alloy in accordance with UNI EN 1774 which we sell in the domestic market and export to over 20 countries within and outside Europe, either directly or under the initiative and coordination of four directorate offices.

Currently our company is the leader in the domestic market and is among the top producers in the wider European context.

Our commercial and technical organisation is comprised of a team of industry experts able to meet any customer demand and more specifically offer the following services:

– Continuous updating of prices for Zama alloys according to the performance of the London Metal Exchange (LME);
– Proposal of short and long time supply contracts;
– Quality control through spectrochemical analysis to 4 decimal places;
– Assistance in the identification of the types of alloy most suitable for the creation of the casting die;
– Assistance in the identification of surface treatments for the creation of die castings;
– Logistical organisation for the distribution of our products throughout the country – which we ensure by means of our own transport – and to both EU and non-EU countries, making use of leading international carriers;
– Organisation of maritime transport with the leading shipping companies in the vicinity of our industrial site in collaboration with the Port Authority of Genoa;
– Continuous administrative assistance with dedicated staff;
– Continuous assistance with dedicated staff related to health and safety at work and environmental regulations.

Features and areas of application

Via delle Fabbriche 2B - 16158 Genova - Italia
Ph.: +39 010 6136508 / +39 010 6136509 - Fax: +39 010 6136442
Fiscal Code 01795030988 - VAT Reference: IT03484750108 - MECC No. GE 022150 - Share Capital € 380,016.00 fully paid-up
Registered company with the Tribunale of Genova No. 61419 - Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts – Genoa Economic Administration Register No. 350182

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