The S. Erasmo Zinkal S.R.L. foundry specialises in the production of:

ZAMA ZINKAL 15 Zamak 15 ZL5 – ZNAL4CU1 – ZL0410 UNI EN 1774

Technical Data Sheet

ZAMAKSAVE Type Zamak 15 ZL5 – ZNAL4CU1 – ZL0410 UNI EN 1774

Technical Data Sheet

ZAMA ZINKAL 12 Zamak 12 ZL2 – ZNAL4CU3 – ZL0430 UNI EN 1774

Technical Data Sheet

ZAMA ZINKAL 13 Zamak 13 ZL3 – ZNAL4 – ZL0400 UNI EN 1774

Technical Data Sheet

ZAMA KAYEM Zamak kayem UNI EN 1774

Technical Data Sheet


As stated above, our company produces various types of zama alloy which are characterised by a high percentage of ultra-pure Special High Grade (SHG) zinc (of the order of 99.995%) and varying amounts of aluminium, magnesium and copper which are placed in the smelter in predetermined percentages in accordance with the specific demands of our customers.

The Zama 15 alloy is the most popular type both in the domestic market and in international markets; followed by the Zama 12 and 13 alloys, which have similar levels of demand. The Zama Kaiem alloy is designed for very sophisticated uses and consequently has a smaller and more sophisticated customer base.



Very recently, after a long period of experimentation which took place as part of a complex project of research and development in our laboratories, we developed a new zama alloy called “Zamaksave” which is derived from a particular chemical formula without major alterations in benchmarks but with very competitive price conditions.

This type is the subject of growing interest on the part of many die-casting companies and follows a continuously growing trend of sale, especially for the creation of products which are not high in technological content.

Its recent launch in foreign markets confirms the effectiveness of our project and shows, again, a positive business trend.


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