Refining and processing


Based on our experience and to satisfy market demand we also refine and process multiple materials, prevalently those containing zinc, primarily Zama ingots which themselves conform to the UNI EN 1774 reference standard.

This service of refining and processing has been a remarkable commercial success, offering a real commodity interchange between our company and the die-casting companies.

The logic behind this methodology is that the latter are consulted during the production processes carried out by our company; there is a comprehensive series of materials with a high zinc content that to which we add value by smelting, refining and subsequent processing into Zama alloy ingots.

There are noteworthy advantages inherent in this collaboration, particularly:

– Revaluation of a set of materials that would not otherwise be usable.
– Elimination of processes of remelting within the die-casting companies themselves, with appreciable savings in terms of dedicated personnel, consumption of electricity and gas, and of maintenance.
– Certainty on the part of the die-casting companies of having a product that complies with the provisions of the European standard UNI EN 1774: the smelting process provides for appropriate additions of aluminium, magnesium and copper in order to ensure that the resulting ingot complies absolutely with said standard.
– Lower financial obligations and lower financial exposure.

Features and areas of application

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