The foundry has a long and proven track record in the production of Zamak alloy and in the refining processes of zinc alloys

Our mission

The S. Erasmo Zinkal foundry specialises in the production of zinc alloys for die casting. Over 60 years of industrial experience are the founding pillar of its reliability and manufacturing excellence, that is acknowledged by the market and is continuously being developed and improved, thanks to investments and experiments aimed at ensuring final quality and sustainability of the entire production cycle.

Sustainability, reuse of raw and secondary raw materials and innovation, namely, the “circular economy”, are at the core of the biggest changes of our times, the green deal: of course, S. Erasmo Zinkal leads the field, as it has always massively used production scrap and by-products in its zinc alloys.

Authoritative studies and statistics show that the environmental impact of recovery of these materials sent for melting is twenty times lower than the extraction from ore and subsequent treatment.

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Raw materials (SHG zinc, Mozal aluminum, magnesium and copper) zamak scraps and by-products entering the production cycle

Quality and customer satisfaction

S. Erasmo Zinkal also produces special alloys to meet the specific needs of die-casting companies, and offers direct support with highly qualified personnel right from the start of industrial use. Moreover, the Company provides the conversion of the by-products derived from the die casting process, which are analysed and implemented if necessary, ensuring an additional high-quality service to the interested customers.
  • Zama alloy prices constantly updated according to the performance of the London Metal Exchange (LME);

  • Short and long-time supply contracts offered;

  • Quality controls performed through spectrochemical analysis with 4 decimal places;

  • Assistance provided in identifying the most suitable types of alloys for die-casting requirements

  • Logistical organisation for the distribution of our products throughout the country – by our own transport service – and to both EU and non-EU countries, using leading international carriers

  • Maritime transport easily organised with the leading shipping companies thanks to our industrial site being close to the port of Genoa

  • Continuous administrative assistance ensured by dedicated staff

  • Also, dedicated staff provides continuous assistance with regard to evolutions of legislation in health and safety at work and environmental matters

  • Commercial promotion networks present both in the national and in foreign markets
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Total waste sent for recycling

Our sectors of use

Thanks to its intrinsic versatility, the zamak alloy has a very wide range of application, covering various segments of the reference market. The mechanical properties – resistance and ductility – of these alloys are higher than those of many other casting materials such as aluminium, magnesium and brass, and that is why they are used in several product sectors, among which car components stand out.

Indeed, zamak alloys ensure very uniform “shrinkage properties”. As a consequence, the casts generated during the die casting process are very precise and do not require further processing, as they are perfectly prepared for surface treatments.


Economic and governance aspects

Quality management, environmental protection and occupational safety systems, taken together, are key aspects of the industrial policy of Erasmo Zinkal. The requirements contained in the Integrated Environmental Authorization (A.I.A.), of the Regional Agency for the protection of Ligurian Environment (A.R.P.A.L.) and those established by the health authority responsible for the area concerned are strictly followed through multiple interventions, which may even include plant engineering. Thanks to a sound and well-balanced economic and financial structure, the Company has its own resources for the implementation of considerable investments. Internal management control duly provides all necessary information on the economic and financial performance of the Company, and steers its development.
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Reduction of CO2 emissions per unit of product