Zama Zinkal 15

Zamak 15 combines good tensile strength, impact resistance properties and dimensional stability over time, as well as good resistance to corrosion even in critical meteorological conditions.


The Zamaksave alloy stands out for its excellent quality at a very competitive price: it is the result of technological research and testing conducted by S. Erasmo Zinkal over the last decades.

Zama Zinkal 12

Zamak 12 offers excellent hardness and high tensile strength


Among zamak alloys, Zamak 13 stands out for its excellent impact resistance and for the best dimensional stability over time as well as excellent resistance to corrosion when exposed to severe meteorological conditions.

Zama Kayem

Kayem is a special zinc alloy with 4% aluminium and 3% copper by mass. It can be used for complex casting, centrifugal casting or gravity casting both in shell and on earth.